Versailles garden tour

Versailles (Pavilion Gabriel) just before a storm

The Château de Versailles is the most extravagant,  opulent and ridiculous palace in the world. This palace was the life work of the ‘Sun King’, Louis XIV. The façades, 2300 rooms filled with gold and tapestries and of course the Hall of Mirrors (where the Treaty of Versailles was signed, ending World War One) are all fabulous. But the real highlight are the gardens. They are the biggest palatial gardens in the world and are full of mythic sculptures, luxurious fountains and the Grand Canal. Not forgetting the people who lived here, who really turned Versailles from fabulous to ludicrous.

How long will this tour take?

Approximately 3 – 3 and a half hours

The Grand Perspective

The Grand Perspective

Come on the tour as we explore together:

    • The complete, fascinating history of the French monarchy, from the birth of the ‘Sun King’ to revolution
    • How Louis XIV’s obsession with his legs changed French fashion
    • The reign of Louis XV with his scores of illegitimate children
    • The downfall of Louis XVI and his obsession for locks
    • Why Marie Antoinette’s expensive shoes and jewelry could have cost her her life
    • The design and progress of the entire complex and how it was planned to symbolise the King’s absolute power
    • The various stunning groves and bosquets of the Petit Parc

… and much more!

How do I book?

Easy! Click here to arrange your private tour


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