But don’t just listen to us! See what real people are saying about Alex online at Trip Advisor or on Get Your Guide! Unlike some other companies, all of the reviews you read here are real reviews from real people who have toured with Alex. Alex is a registered, freelance tour guide and as such works with lots of great companies in Paris who offer a variety of different tours and services.

5 of 5 starsReviewed 24 December 2014
Alex brought the Palace of Versailles alive with tales of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution. Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I could not recommend one of his tours more, wouldn’t exchange those memories for anything.
By eur0tripper2014
5 of 5 starsReviewed 7 September 2014
We had a great afternoon with Alex! Would happily spend another day with him any time. We checked out the street art in some Paris neighborhoods a bit off the tourist track and really enjoyed both the urban hike and the art. Alex was funny and friendly. He knew lots about the artists and the neighborhoods. Alex was great with our teens as well. We had time to stop for food and wine, and to check out some studios that were open. What a great day!
By Sinegli
5 of 5 starsReviewed 22 August 2014

My husband and 10 year-old daughter were fortunate to visit Paris during August 2014. We only had a few days in the incredible city, so it was difficult to decide what to do. Fortunately, we chose to spend a half day with Alex The Tour Guide on a private tour of the Gardens of Versailles. We found Alex via Yelp and Trip Advisor, and we intrigued by his positive reviews from other travelers. I can now understand why he comes so highly regarded. From the moment we reached out to him via email in January, the interactions with him were professional, prompt and thorough. Alex knows his stuff. He told me all that his tour would include (tour guides are not allowed to go inside the Palace itself, so we had him for three hours walking the grounds and then had the option of entering the Palace on our own afterwards). He knew about a special concert that was happening in the gardens during our visit, and he even knew which fountains would be operating during the hours of our walk around. It was an absolute delight to turn a corner and see a fountain ‘show’ just starting up! He narrated the history of the fountains and the Kings while the show was happening – not overpowering the show – simply supplementing what we were seeing.

Keeping a 10 year-old entertained for that period of time while walking around on a hot August day is not a small accomplishment, and Alex succeeded! My daughter commented afterward that she learned more during our time together than she had learned on any other tour during the trip. And, even better, she still remembers the facts that she learned because Alex is such a great storyteller – he really makes history come alive while he’s speaking. His passion is contagious – both my husband and myself were caught up in his stories as well! We will never think of the French Revolution in the same way now that we’ve seen Versailles with Alex The Tour Guide.

Also, he’s simply a nice guy. We finished the tour, and I realized that I had not yet paid him! And, of course, we didn’t have enough Euro with us to give him cash. So, he simply billed us via PayPay and we paid him when we returned to the USA! It felt great to be trusted like that!

All in, Alex earns all his 5-star reviews. Book him while you have the chance – he’s a real treasure!!

By Kearnsfamily2014

5 of 5 starsReviewed 10 July 2014
It was so refreshing to discover this completely different side of Paris, a great way to get off the beaten track without the worry of getting lost! Alex was a fantastic guide, he shared his knowledge of the history of the area as we walked along finding these amazing artworks and he also told us about the contemporary side of things including some background on the artists, for me these touches of context set this tour apart and really made the whole experience that much richer! Thank you Alex!
By feet-or-bike
5 of 5 starsReviewed 7 July 2014
A friend of ours gifted 2 days with Alex to take us on a walking tour of Paris. It was amazing! He is so knowledgeable and truly has a passion for the history of the city. He made the streets come alive through the factual stories he told of historical events. I can’t imagine learning about a city in any other way. His tour is a must do in Paris!
By Julane C
5 of 5 starsReviewed 21 June 2014
This is a little late but I visited Paris, last fall. I toured with Alex for two days. It was one of the most insightful, intelligence, full of energy, and stories type of tour I went on. I recently traveled back to a different part of Europe and hired a private tour guide and it was not nearly as captivating or exciting as he creates for you. i gifted my two friends a tour with him recently and they had a blast!
He is rare so go book with him you won’t regret it!!!
By Tiffaney W
5 of 5 starsReviewed 19 June 2014
I don’t usually book tours unless it is in a museum but we are really glad we booked this one as it gave our experience in Paris a new dimension. Our tour actually felt more like an adventure as we put our maps and guidebooks down for a while and let Alex lead the way. We thoroughly enjoyed the street art that could be seen and found it to be an excellent opportunity to walk around parts of Paris that we would not have otherwise explored on our own. We found that the way Alex shared his knowledge, not only about the street artists but the history of the neighbourhoods they are situated in to be very engaging. Highly recommended!
By Tobey_on
5 of 5 starsReviewed 10 June 2014
We got to know more about Paris without reading lots of history book as Alex covered the topics in a very interesting way. You won’t feel bored or sleepy as Alex is always keep you awake with the stories about the places. We did Paris city tour, Montmatre, the Louvre, Versailles tour with Alex 1 June to 5 June. It is wonderful, you should get Alex as your guide in Paris./kheng
By khend2014
5 of 5 starsReviewed 3 June 2014
Alex is amazing. His knowledges about Paris are great. He is very receptive. You can choose Alex with your eyes closed.
By Hugo Girard
5 of 5 starsReviewed 21 November 2013
We are a family of 10 from seniors, adults and young children. We spent 4 full days with Alex and the trip would not be so smooth and enjoyable without Alex.
Alex is energetic and helpful. He went a long way to get a wheelchair for my dad who out of a sudden suffered from leg pain on the first day we arrived at Paris. Thanks a million, Alex!
Due to having young children, we did not have chance to go into very details of the history of Paris. I will definitely go back to Paris again and would love to know Paris in more details, visit more places in Paris. Alex will be my first choice as a private tour guide in Paris.
By GohCLKl
5 of 5 starsReviewed 28 September 2013
Our family had a great tour of Versailles and learned a great deal of history in our time with Alex. Alex was very professional and took the liberty of booking our tickets and making all arrangements ahead of time. During our tour of the gardens, the children loved the stories he told and he was always engaging them. Versailles was a truly memorable experience due to Alex and I highly recommend this tour for any family!
By jhkm

“Off the wall”
5 of 5 starsReviewed May 8, 2013
I did Alex’ Street Art tour and it showed me a completely new side of Paris. This tour is in a neighborhood that’s unlike anything people typically think of when you think of Paris. It’s the more “real” Paris, a little more rough and edgy (but not dangerous). A neighborhood that despite having played an important role in the tumultuous and sometimes dark history of the city (I learned on the tour) is still brimming with creative energy.
Alex himself is full of energy too and he has an contagiously enthusiastic passion for everything Paris. He showed us hidden gems that you would never find by yourself; I don’t even think I’d be able to find them by myself now! The whole way is sprinkled with all kinds of cool street art, some of it quirky and straight forward with interesting stories to go along with them, others so illusive that even Alex didn’t know what they were about. Either way, it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon in one of the lesser visited areas of Paris in what is almost an outdoor art gallery.
Thanks Alex!
By Onno S

Reviewed May 4, 2013
No words can describe the wonderful memory Alex has given me of Paris. I love Paris! I come there about twice a year and I always take a tour guide. Every time with a different guide as it is interesting to see how much these professionals really know, and it’s nice to hear the different stories. I took a city tour with Alex and it was perfect! Full of knowledge, humorous, and energetic, this Kiwi knows Paris better than a Parisian. With magical secrets and wine at a Parisian cafe, with a finale at the amazing centre Pompidou for the Dali exhibition, this is one unforgettable vacation in Paris! Merci Monsieur Alex
By E1978

“Loved our personalized tour!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed April 29, 2013
We loved our tour of Paris with Alex! We have a family of 6, my husband and I and 4 children; ages 16, 14, 12 and 7. We decided to do a personal family tour of Paris on our first full day there. Before we left for Europe, Alex took the time to ask what we were looking for in our tour. He listened to what I said – but also made suggestions given that we had never been to Paris before. This was extremely helpful! While showing us the city, he was excited and clearly shared his love of Paris with us. He pointed out things that would be of interest too each of us and went out of his way to engage all of my children! We travelled to 3 locations on our European vacation. At each location we had a personal tour guide for our family (cheaper than a group tour!). Alex was BY FAR the best; fun, knowledgable, polite and helpful! Got our stay in Paris off to a great start.
By Colette W

“Street Art Tour & Latin Quarter Tour”
Reviewed April 26, 2013
No better way to visit Paris’ heart than wandering around the narrow winding streets of the Latin Quarter. Its a 2hs tour that will make you see this city in another way, in one of the corners of this amazing city that is worthwhile to visit with somebody that can share the stories of the ppl living there and how their lives afected the history of the city we admire today.
A few days later I adventured on another tour with my same -amazing guide- A.J. Who took me on a very unusual path, through a small hill community of street artists. I like creative street art but don’t have a clue where to start looking. He took us to a relatively hidden area of Paris where he showed us how this creative and misterious people work and display their image in one of the largest cities in the world. “We even saw one guy putting up one of his art pieces”
Two of the most unique and best Paris tours I’ve ever been on!
By Ricardo P

“Loved it!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed April 25, 2013
The tour shows an unexplored and more special side of Paris. The guide is sensational! I highly recommend all his tours!
By Carolina H

“Great Tour of the Latin Quarter with Alex”
5 of 5 starsReviewed April 22, 2013
The Latin Quarter is really the heart and soul of Paris. I’ve lived in Paris for a while now, but really rediscovered this beautiful area thanks to an amazing tour. Alex, the guide, revived major historical events and had lots of anecdotes about the artists and writers who lived in the “quartier Latin”. He made history fun and lively. We got to follow in Hemingway’s footsteps along rue Cardinal Lemoine to the Jardin du Luxembourg. We visited the gorgeous Eglise Sainte Genevieve and later ended our tour in the most lovely and quaint little bookshop in Paris, Shakespeare and Co. It was just fantastic ! This tour is a must-do !
By Sabine L

“Off the Beaten Path: The Indian community in Paris”
5 of 5 starsReviewed March 29, 2013
Alex arranged a tour of the Indian area (Faubourg St Denis – Gare du Nord) for a group of my students. The tour took place in the evening and in the cold, but still, we didn’t want it to be over. Alex made it so interesting and lively. His knowledge of architecture and history combined with humility and his great sense of humor made it easy for us to learn and to feel free to ask questions. He was eager to share anecdotes which gave the tour a personal tone that’s hard to find in Paris. One can tell that he loves showing people around, that he appreciates the city. Alex will show you Paris like no else!
By Sabine L

“By far the best experience in Paris”
5 of 5 starsReviewed March 23, 2013
My expierince in Paris was absolutely amazing because I was the luckiest girl alive to have found Alex to show me the city, I joined three of his tours and they were really interesting, full of knowlege but fun at the same time. Alex trasmits his passion for Paris in a very charismatic way and makes you love Paris as much as he does.
I really liked the street art tour because it shows you another side of the city diferent from the typical touristic spots.
If you go to Paris ask for Alex the tour guide, it is the best way to discover and understand the city!
By Juliana G

“Relaxed, Fun and Informative Tour Guide in Paris”
5 of 5 starsReviewed March 20, 2013
In such a wonderfully diverse city, culturally and historically, Alex provided all the information needed without overloading! He told us all the best points and his opinions and I didn’t feel lost in all the information he provided. He is such an easy-going character, it will feel like you’re going with a friend! Highly recommend going on a tour with him, you won’t regret it!
By charcharcharissa2911

“Paris Street art tour”
5 of 5 starsReviewed March 19, 2013
Fantastic way to spend an afternoon – A brief glimpse at the underground street artists who call Paris home. If you want to learn more about the hundreds of semi-hidden space invaders stuck all over Paris, or the people of the 21st arrondissement, I suggest you give this a try. Alex is a great guide, and the tour is very informative. One of the highlights of my trip to Paris. P.S – Bring a camera.
By Dave H

“Amazing Tour Guide in Paris”
Reviewed March 14, 2013
Getting into Paris the first thing I did to get a bearing on such a huge city was join Alex’s tour. Not only does he swing by all the must-see sights, as well as some hidden less-touristy bits, of Paris he gives vast amounts of history and information on the city he loves. His energetic creativity while discussing everything made the tour truly entertaining. I also joined a tour of Versailles with Alex as well as a tour of the Montmartre district, both equally informative and entertaining. If this wasn’t enough Alex also recommended some amazing places to eat and drink. I cannot recommend this guide with more enthusiasm. Thanks Alex!
By RebeccaT

“No te lo pierdas !”
Reviewed March 12, 2013
Tuve la buenísima oportunidad de hacer tres toures con Alex en París : Montmartre, Versalles y el centro de la ciudad. No solo me enseñó sobre las calles y monumentos de París sino que me ayudó a entender la historia y la forma de vida de esta ciudad. Me transmitió la magia que tiene París a través de sus historias y anécdotas. Alex es más que un guía turístico, es un amante de la historia lleno de buena energía. No te lo pierdas !
By Micaella Cuervo

“Must do in Paris”
Reviewed March 12, 2013
Can’t recommend the Alex experience highly enough! It’s like touring Paris with your best friend! His remarkable depth of knowledge of both the well travelled highlights as well as some fascinating back street gems, coupled with his storytelling flair really made Paris come alive for us. Of all the tours we took on our recent trip to Europe, his were the most entertaining, exciting and informative. Great bloke, great tour = must do.
By Dayle K

“Alex the Tour Guide – a highlight in a city of highlights!”
Reviewed March 10, 2013
Our visit to Paris was somewhat of a whirlwind tour, fortunately we were in the best hands with Alex, who ensured we saw the crème of what Paris has to offer. Not afraid to venture off the beaten tour-group path, Alex’s well-organised, informative and entertaining style even converted my tour-phobic girlfriend! He is effortlessly charismatic, friendly and just plain great company in such an amazing city. I can’t recommend Alex’s tours highly enough!
By Hamish Doake

Reviewed March 8, 2013
Alex was exceptional. We only had a few days in Paris and after a late night and early morning we were feeling a bit lethargic. Alex’s enthusiasm, though, was unsurpassed. He was funny and informed, and clearly a brilliant storyteller. We hung on his every word and step and did his Versailles tour as well. The tours with Alex were really the highlight of our trip to Paris.
By JackT

“You don’t want to miss this”
Reviewed March 8, 2013
I’ve lived in Paris for years, and rarely play tourist, but was convinced by a friend to try out a tour with Alex. So I went on his Montmartre tour. It was so good, that I have since done his Versailles, Downtown, and Street Art tours as well. Alex is more than a tour guide, he’s a historian, a storyteller, and a funny, warm, and interesting expert on Paris. If you want to see the city, this is the way to do it. The last tour I did (Street Art), was timed to finish at the top of Belleville right at sunset. In all my time in the city, it was the most beautiful view I have ever gotten of the city. Thank you Alex!
By Olin Taft

“Best tour ever!”
Reviewed March 8, 2013
I’ve been taking a lot of tours all over the world and I’ve never met a tour guide so awesome as Alex… Funny, energetic, charismatic, cultivated, respectful, friendly, entertaining. it was so amazing learn about french history and having a really cool time. If a friend would ask me tips for his or her trip to Paris, I would summarize everything by saying: Alex’s tours!! You’re gonna a blast
By Leonardo L L

Reviewed March 8, 2013
Great tour, nice people, good atmosphere, good information. All the locations you need to see and they take time – no one is rushed. the tour group itself usually turns into a social group, great for meeting friends. Even traveling alone, i felt like i was a long time member of the group 🙂 even though we’ve all only meet for the first time! -If I go back, I’ll probably – I will do it again. I’d recommend this tour over any other tour company. I’ve tried others and they SUCK!
By Krider11

“Alex rocks!”
Reviewed March 8, 2013
Alex the tour guide – what can I say?! After taking so many boring ones in other European capitals I was blown away by element of fun Alex brought to the tour! He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and went the extra mile for everyone. It was such a fun experience and I could have easily stayed on the tour for another hour. He even took time to explain all the different cakes in the Parisian bakeries…a definite highlight. I’ve never forget the 5 layer chocolate cake!
By Emily M
“Excellent Tour”
Reviewed March 7, 2013

Super entertaining, an excellent time and the people in our group ending the tour by having a glass of wine and discussing queer theory. A wonderful introduction to Paris and Europe. Our guide was Alex, he was ridiculously funny and informative. He did an excellent job of bringing everyone in with interesting snippets of history. I simply expected the tour to give me facts about the city, and I was delightfully surprized to find I felt completely engaged the entire time. And it helped develop a further appreciation for a city I thought was beautiful and now realize is grand. A great highlight to my stay in the city.



“Not your stock-standard tour”
Reviewed March 7 2013
When living in Germany for a year, I did the stock-standard trip to Paris. I also turned up to one of the stock-standard tours that every tourist goes on. However, on arriving, I quickly realised that my tour was going to be anything but stock-standard. For one, I recognised the tour guide – it was Alex, a friend of a friend from Christchurch, New Zealand. For two, I didnt know Alex that well, but from what I did know of him, I had an inkling that this was going to be a GOOD tour. Travelling around Europe you get a bit churched/museumed/citied out. Everything blurs into one and, although you know that what you are seeing and being told about on tours is fascinating (escpecially for a Kiwi whose country has less than 200 years of European history), sometimes all you want is your bed back at the hostel. Well, I didn’t want my bed- I didn’t wnat the tour to end. Alex was engaging, animated and interested in the people on his tour. He knew the little titbits that really catch your interest and leave you wanting more. His stories were informative, made the sites memorable and the people in his tour always had a million questions and lots of laughs. I wish there was an Alex in every city in the world giving tours!
By AmeliaBleeker

Reviewed January 27, 2013
I have the pleasure of joining Alex on a few of his tours (Montmartre and Versailles) and I must say that he is one of the most knowledgeable, entertaining, engaging, animated and friendly guides I have ever met. He is not just going to be your tour guide but an excellent buddy knowing all the secrets of the places that you are visiting. You can ask him all kind of questions and he would not just give you an answer but would explain it in such a way that it would stick forever. Due to his warm and friendly personality, long experience, flexibility and personal approach I can definitely say that you would never go wrong booking a tour with him.
By FilipaM934

“Interesting, exciting and full of information!”
Reviewed by Tom from Norwich, United Kingdom on December 22nd, 2012
My girlfriend and I very much enjoyed the tour, which in our case was run by Alex. He was very knowledgeable, going into great detail in some areas, but the whole time keeping it interesting.
Personally I’ve not really been much of a fan of tours of historic buildings previously, but I found this one extremely enjoyable, despite the miserable weather! I’d advise anyone to go on this tour, as I felt that Alex added much more interest to the tour than had we just gone to Versailles alone.

“Sooo interesting; you’ll definitely learn!”
Reviewed December 10, 2012
4-hour tour with Alex was great – lots of really interesting pieces of information and great stories that you wouldn’t pick up from just having paid attention in history class or from reading a tour book. Definitely go, and try to go towards the beginning of your trip, as Alex had lots of insight about better ways of doing things, getting in for cheap/free at certain places, etc. And while you’re at it, check out the Montmartre tour for a more quirky, artsy side of Paris.
By Meghan_Lightely

“Best Tour in Paris!”
Reviewed by Farheen from Redwood City, United States on December 2nd, 2012
If you book one tour during your trip to Paris. Book this one. Our tour guide Alex was the most wonderful guide and helped us to explore all the Right Bank and the Eiffel Tower. Included in the tour are the skip the line Eiffel Tower tickets that let you get to the top of the tower with no hassle. Words can’t describe how wonderful Alex our guide was. He was funny, informative, and full of historical knowledge. This was the absolute highlight of our trip! A must do!

“amazing guide”
Reviewed by john from aberdeen, United Kingdom on November 24th, 2012
I have just returned from paris where me and my wife went on the paris tour with eiffel tour tickets and it was amazing,really intrestingand a must for anyone going to paris, there was a que with over 400 people in it to go up the eiffel tower but we were wisked straight to the front and up the tower like vips. A big thankyou must go to alex our tour guide who really made the 3 hrs fly past and he really made this tour 10/10 a very good job done.

“Alex did a great job and was very personable”
Reviewed by Jeffrey from Smyrna, United States on November 6th, 2012
Alex did a great job and was very personable. Skipping the line at the Eiffel was great and learn about the history of Paris was great.

“Wonderful tour and experience with Alex”
Reviewed October 11, 2012
The tour was 3 hours, and we actually got to see alot of Paris, and even talk a little about the history. Our guide was frindely and very funny..
By TomN

“The Best Way to Tour Paris”
Reviewed September 5, 2012
Alex was my guide for the walking tour of Versallies, and … was historically informed, told side splitting jokes, and answered any questions – any at all – you could think of … He was patient, showed up some exclusive sections of the gardens, and ultimately without him, I would have gotten lost and missed out on loads of historical details that really make the gardens more worthwhile of an attraction.
By Galfinito

“An amazing tour. Alex was amazing and made it so much fun! The best!”
Reviewed by Sheri from Mesa, United States on July 31st, 2012
So worthwhile!

“Excellent tour and professional tour guide”
Reviewed by sophia from cherry hill, United States on June 9th, 2012
We had this tour with Alex. Montmartre is, in our opinion, one of the most interesting places in Paris, and having Alex as our tour guide made it one of the best experiences we had during our vacation in Paris. He was very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic during his presentation. Even rain could not ruin our fascination with Montmartre, and Alex made it so interesting we came back the next night. His recommendations of restaurants made our time even better!
Keep up the good job and thank you!

“Tour guide appreciation – Love your work Alex”
Reviewed May 31, 2012
Kicked off our European vacation in Paris & had the best start thanks to our guide Alex. From the get go we got passion, insight and history delivered in a way that was informative & easy to follow. The obvious joy he had about the French history made the tour, and his unwavering energy kept us going the whole time. Thank Alex, you set the bar very high for all guides that followed!
By CatherineW

“A must for any new tourist in Paris!”
Reviewed May 23, 2012
… your guide takes you around the core of the city and shows you all of the major attractions. They also provide a great deal of history about the city, which is very interesting. Our guide was Alex and he did a fantastic job. He really made the tour fun and interesting…
By ScottS

“Showed me Paris with two tours in just one day.”
Reviewed February 28, 2012
The first tour I took was a brilliant attempt at showing off the heart of Paris in a single go. It started in St Michel, and hopped back and forth across the Seine heading west towards the Eiffel tower, showing off the most important sights along the river. Our tour guide Alex gave great historical anecdotes about the stories of seemingly insignificant buildings, squares and statues that we passed, bringing the amazing richness of the city’s history to life.
Later on in the evening I showed up for my second tour in the village-neighbourhood of Montmartre. This tour had a much smaller group, allowing us several moments of strolling through the streets in silence, taking in the moonlit buildings and the little cafes and restaurants which were seemingly undisturbed by the tourist bustle in the rest of the city. I was lucky enough to get Alex as my guide a second time, and he shared many hidden details of the area that we surely would have missed on our own: the street art tastefully tucked in the alleyways, the apartments and studios of some of the city’s most famous past artistic residents and the scenic route to the Sacre Coeur, which took us by the only vineyard still operating within the city of Paris and the cabaret where Picasso traded his first paintings for food … From top to bottom, these tours are the best balance of being charming, affordable and thorough of any you’ll find in the city. Well worth a few hours of your time, and a few euros to tip your guide.
By DylanH

“Best tour of Paris a girl could ask for”
Reviewed November 16, 2011
Amazing, entertaining tour – took us through all the big sites. Tour was given by Alex, a very passionate guy who made it fun even in the freezing cold! By the end of the tour, it felt like we were a big family! Loved this intro to Paris. The best part is that it is tips-only, so you pay what you think the tour was worth. I ended up tipping a lot!
By Virgina2012

“Great tours in any city that they are offered”
Reviewed January 2, 2011 via mobile
… We went on the Montmartre tour and it was well worth the money! Alex led the tour and gave a lot of good suggestions for what to do for new years, gave good information of the area, made some corny jokes, and was altogether great! If you can get him you are in for a treat, though any other guide is sure to give you just as good of a tour!
By Northerncacy

Reviewed by Rebecca from Long Beach, United States on June 30th, 2010
Alex was fantastic and I would highly recommend others to request him for your tour. He is extremely informative with high energy. My 9 year old son thought Alex was the best guide we had on our trip to France. My son also wants to visit New Zealand since that is where Alex is from. Thanks Alex and best wishes to you.


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