Latin quarter

Panthéon, from the Luxembourg Gardens

Panthéon, from the Luxembourg Gardens

The Latin Quarter is one of the oldest parts of Paris. It began as the Roman regional capital and was the centre of the academic world in the middle ages when the Sorbonne became one of the first ever universities. Today, grand Parisian boulevards run alongside the Roman ruins and medieval streets. The Latin Quarter was the home to F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway and their vision of a hedonistic Paris enjoyed by a motley entourage of expats in the 1920s still exists here today. The Quarter is the Paris of long walks through inspiring gardens, in and out of hidden squares, past the homes of the greatest philosophers, artists and writers of all time.

How long will this tour take?

Approximately 2 – 2 and a half hours

Les arènes de Lutèce, the ruined Roman arena

Les arènes de Lutèce, the ruined Roman arena

What will I see on the Latin Quarter tour?

    • The ruined Roman arena and baths- hidden in the middle of a Parisian boulevard
    • Legendary English bookshop ‘Shakespeare and Company’
    • The Panthéon – the final resting place of France’s greatest citizens including Victor Hugo, Marie Curie, Voltaire, Louis Braille and Louis Pasteur
    • The Luxembourg gardens
    • Secrets of the Da Vinci Code explained
    • Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’ steps
    • The Sorbonne

… and much more!

How do I book?

Easy! Click here to arrange your private tour


2 thoughts on “Latin quarter

  1. Kelly French says:

    We will be in Paris in April of 2016 and would be interested in taking two of your tours – Versailles and the Latin Quarter. Can this be done on one day. We arrive on the 9th and ideally would like to do the tours on the 10th. Please provide information on pricing and any other relevant details.

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